What’s in the Bag – Jim Furyk

jim furykJim Furyk and his unorthodox swing reminds us that it’s not how, it’s how many is this game of golf. Even though he’s improved his swing path a little over the years, he’s always had an extremely upright swing. It obviously doesn’t seem to matter much though because he’s racked up win after win after win in recent years.

Jim Furyk is a great golfer who is not afraid of competition. In the era where people are afraid to be paired up with Tiger in the last group on Sunday, Jim shines. His consistency, excellent short game, and driving accuracy has earned him top performances in not only regular tournaments but majors as well.

What’s in the Bag of Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk’s Recent Accomplishments

  • 2008 Rydercup Team
  • 2007 Canadian Open

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